Eh bien, nous esperons un jour! Il y a de l'espoir, n'est-ce pas?!

1.Today we studied les accents en francais + more spelling!

2. L’alphabet–rhyme’

p.s. C’est = It is (in case you were wondering what that song actually was saying…..)

3.  Still working on some course logistics…so some time spent on the workbook website (where it is & how to get there!)

Tonight: study numbers, we will get there (finally) tomorrow!  Bring in your ‘expressions utiles’ and we will spend 10 minutes on that!

Thanks to all et bonne journee!

mme g

p.s. Just to let you know we are still getting into the swing of things!  Class has been a bit pressed and not a lot of opportunity to for me to hear you all…don’t worry!   I think by Wednesday we will have settled in to the routine of things and the focus will be more on the students.  Bear in mind though, for the first couple of weeks of French I, I tend to have to spend more time than usual on introducing you to the language, and setting up the learning environment (i.e. a lot of teacher talk!)

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