Bonjour a tous!

Aujourd’hui nous avons etudie….

1.  Les mois de l’annee

2.  Rhyme:

1, 2, 3 Nous allons au bois

4,5,6 cueillir des cerises

7 ,8, 9  dans mon panier neuf

10, 11, 12 elles seront toutes rouges!

3.  les noms: pg, 16 1. gender 2. plurals (add ‘s’ or ‘x’) 3. It’s fixed except for terms referring to humans or animals, and there are exceptions there too!  Memorize 1-19 on pg 16 along with gender! Study how to pluralize and practice over the weekend.  Here is a short lesson on gender predictability in French :

CE WEEK-END: 1. read the following article and write a 1  paragraph response in English.  DO not just summarize, but give a thoughtful response and you may include any other questions or comments you may have!

1. The Effect of 1066 on the English Language. >>

2.  Take a look at this website, reads like a history book, but offers insight into the history of the people and which eventually became known as France

3.  Workbooks are due TUESDAY, remember to do both written and audio activities!

4.  Study cognates on pages 11.  Be prepared to define ‘cognate’.

Enfin…bon week-end!