Bonjour!  Aujourd’hui?

1.  Les lieux sur le campus

2.  Les matieres + additional vocab

3. Le verbe ‘etudier’ + les pronoms sujets >>verb conjugation with -er verbs in present tense.

Comments on contraction with ne, je, et le; comments on how to negate verbs with ne..pas.

Detailed lesson on verbs and review of subject pronouns to follow next week!


les devoirs (homework) s’il vous plait page 34, part B, please turn your answers to the question  into a paragraph describing what you are studying etc.  Add in details to fill it out as much as you are comfortable with!

For the 9:30 class I will be posting the  ‘le cafe’ clip and the song by Louise Attaque (on Friday) which is discussed in the  book at the end of chpt 1 (pg ???).  Please have a listen!  (We were able to do this in the 10:30 class but didn’t have enough time for the 9:30 class).

FINAL NOTE FOR TODAY: Chers eleves (dear students) NO TEXTING IN CLASS!  It is too distracting for me and others.  In fact it drives me crazy!  Be mindful & polite & respectful of others in a classroom community.  It is a highly interactive class and I expect your full attention. Merci en avance pour votre aide!

C’est tout pour le moment!