le vent d'automne

Le Vent d'automne

Bonjour! Restez chaud aujourd’hui!

Il faut du vent, n’est-ce pas?

Nous continuons avec la description…physique, les attributs personnels, et les adjectifs.

Ce soir SVP Homework is to complete the ADJECTIVE side of the homework worksheet.  DO NOT DO the verb avoir side, as we will do in class tomorrow!

Remember, there is no class this Wednesday, instead work on your skits!

****** For those students who do not have a group, we will do a final check tomorrow and form groups (or an alternative in case needed).

Today students turned in the 2nd description.

Bonne journee!

mme g

p.s. If interested in a FREE on campus French tutor here is the way to request: email : tutors@shoreline.edu

p.p.s. As I know we have two currently: a native speaker from the Democratice Republique of the Congo and a retired American who taught French  (in Paris) for many years!  An excellent place to start if you need help on pronunciation, grammar, or in short, anything related to learning French.

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