Composition Exam questions for chpt. 3

I.  Une personne secrète.  Write up a description of a mystery person, real or fictitious (choose someone well-known).  Include physical description, types of clothing they were, were they live and what they do.  Add in other details as necessary (personality, what or who one associates him/her with).  (10 pts).

II. Composition. In a letter to a French pen pal, describe your clothes: what you wear to class, what you like to wear to a concert, what you wear to a restaurant.

Describe what your best friend (mon/ma meilleur(e) ami(e) wears.  Describe how s/he looks.

Include colors in your description

Use two expressions with avoir in your letter.

Describe your mood and or personality.

Ask your pen pal three questions about what he or she likes to wear.(30 points)