Notre calendrier, on le change?

Bonjour Tout le Monde!

Comment allez-vous?  Ca fait longtemps, n’est-ce pas?

Et alors, c’est la vie…toujours:


incertaine et capricieuse

All this is causing me to mull over our last week in class (11/29 to 12/3).

First thing up is to sadly scrap our group projects.  We can do them next quarter for those who will continue on.

Second up is the final, which is scheduled for  the second half of Thursday and all of Friday of next week, leaving 3 and a half days for regular instruction days.

Hmmm, quoi faire? What to do?

Let me think about it and get back to you later (today or tomorrow).  Any thoughts, chers lecteurs?

(NOTE: I wrote this post day two of the snow days. I have decided since then, based on poll results, to go ahead and keep the final the last day of class, but modify the oral part so it all can fit into ONE day, Dec. 3rd.)