Final Exam for French 121, Dec 3rd, at your normal class time.

Please note: You will be allowed 20 minutes of class time THURSDAY, Dec. 2nd, to work on the reading portion  (la lecture) of the exam.  For those students who miss this opportunity, you will not be given a make up chance to do this section, instead you will have to complete the entire test in the time alloted on Friday.

Second Point: The oral part will begin promptly 5 minutes after the start of class Dec. 3rd.  Please plan ahead and arrive on time Friday (for your sake).

Third Point: The Chpt 4 cahier will be due Friday.  Please remember to put it on the table as soon as you come in  with it already stapled.  I’d advise you to not use  your test time to organize your papers, so have them ready in advance (for your sake).  Any review papers and worksheets from this week are to be turned in at that time as well!

I. Oral Section:

  1. Comprehension ((listening)passage & questions on passage Vrai/Faux answers) (15 pts) Theme: La vie d’une etudiante.
  2. Dictée à trous: Fill in the blank dictation (10 pts)  Theme: La chambre

II.      Questions Variées: Written question and you write your response (15 pts)  Themes: activities, school subjects, descriptions.

III.   Vocabulary: Les matières, les activités (écouter la musique, regarder les films d’aventure, etudier, travailler, voyager, etc, etc), les vêtements, les couleurs, les attributs de personalité) (10 pts)

IV.  Structures: Phrases à composer:  Write complete sentences based on the words given.  Conjugate verbs, add articles, make adjective agreement,and any other necessary changes. (15 pts)

Examples: 1.   Nous / avoir / grand / chaise.  >> Nous avons une grande chaise.

2.  Madame Cliqueot /être / intelligent / et / sérieux.  Elle / porter / vêtements /élégant.

Madame Cliqueot  est intelligente et sérieuse.  Elle porte des/les vêtemtents élégants.

V.  La lecture: Reading passage with Vrai/Faux questions. (5 pts)

VI. Composition: Theme: YOU!  Describe yourself, physically, personality, likes, dislikes etc…  (20 points)

Bon Courage!

petite fleur rouge pour vous!