Voici les devoirs pour le week-end!

Mais d’abord:  My favorite online dictionary:

La Recette , to be turned in lundi, le 24 janvier

Your recipe should be organized into three parts and typed!

I. Liste des ingrediants.

List your ingrediants and measurements.

II.  Preparation.*

Describe in steps how to prepare your recipe.

III.  Servir.

Describe briefly the best way to serve your dish and for which meal!

Last, don’t forget to say : « Bon Appetit »

If your recette is French, go ahead and include a cultural tidbit for fun.  Could be regarding its origin, or some other association it has with it.

I will be posting a recipe this weekend as an example of what I am looking for.

Finally, next week you will get to work in a small group and decide on which recette to present to the class, with the option

of preparing it for us to try : )

Bon week-end!


Extra: Include an image or drawing of your recette.

*Vocab words!

ajouter: to add
couper: to cut
faire bouillir: to boil
faire la cuisine: to cook
hacher: to grind/mince
râper to shred/grate
remuer: to stir
rôtir: to roast
verser: to pour
éplucher: to peel
laver to wash
laisser to leave
prendre to take
chauffer to heat
mettre to put
remettre to put back
arroser to water/soak
mélanger to mix
saupoudrer to sprinkle
couvrir to cover
mijoter to simmer
fondre to melt