Desolee a ce mauvais temps de neige! (Sorry about the snow!)

No class today (ugh, groan, I know)! Pas de cours aujourd’hui!

For French II: Continue on with the oral interview practice.  I’d suggest writing out answers to the questions,

checking them to make sure they are grammaticaly correct so that you (and others!) can understand what your saying

THEN rehearse them, memorize them!  We will work out our schedule  on Friday for next week!

FRENCH I: Learn the vocabulary of « la chambre »  on page 94 and then for homework design your own room!

1.  On an unlined sheet of paper (8 x 11) sketch out your room.  You could also do this through a computer.  Feel free to be creative and colorful!  You could also do this as a collage.

2.  Label all items in French, be sure to include gender!

3.  Write/type  up a brief description of the room, in ink (not pencil) on the front or back.  Something like this:

Voici ma chambre.  Il y a un lit, un bureau, et une chaise.  J’ai une lampe a cote du lit, et un tapis vert pres du lit.

Il y a aussi une etagere avec beaucoup de livres.  Ma chambre est toujours en ordre.

J’adore ma chambre parce qu’elle est belle et calme.


See here for : vocab & pronunciation for la chambre



C'est amusant, mais un peu ambitieux pour nos devoirs!