French III:

Speaking of handwriting…


old French handwriting

and then there is this….

Now on to our class!

Les devoirs:

La première étape de votre projet—choisissez votre thème.

  1. Choose three subjects of interest.  Topics must be related to the French-SPEAKING world (not exclusively France!).  Could be an artist, a region, a country, a dialect, an author,  a notable personality (present or past), there are so many possibilities! I encourage you to do some soul searching to find what really inspires you!  Bring to class MONDAY your typed up copy of 3 possible topics.  From these topics you will SELECT one to focus on next week!
  2. Write up your 10 questions using depuis & pendant.  Make necessary corrections!

REMEMBER: NO class FRIDAY, le premier avril!

cours d'ecriture



French II:

French I:

HOMEWORK: Brochure sur Giverny: Write up a brochure on Giverny. Use the passage from page 243 as your text.  Creatively cut and paste images from the web (or elsewhere!) on Giverny and Monet, his work, and…whatever else you think may be lovely or interesting!

Turn in a brochure, formated and folded on 9×11 paper.  Should be visually appealing!

You may do this with a partner, or as an individual. Due Monday.

REMEMBER: NO class FRIDAY, le premier avril!

Voici une image de sa cuisine: