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French III:

Les devoirs du week-end…

I.  Statement of intent.  State you topic and the questions your project will address.  You may also include why you have chosen this particular topic, or what attracted you to it (you can be a little personal here…this helps to engage your audience!).  (IN FRENCH)

As mentioned in class, I suggest finding the question that motivates your interest in your topic.  It may be more than one question, that’s fine, include all of them.  This is a first draft, and you may still modify it further if need be!  This should be about 5-9 sentences maximum.   If you have not finalized your topic at this point you should do so now!

French II:

Now that we have started chpt 6 decide on which recipe (la recette) you will do for next week!

Here are a couple of links to get you started: (lots of information on French food traditions and how to do them by a very down to earth American woman living with her French family) (lovely images with many french-inspired or french desserts, plus others) (un blog en francais sur  la cuisine) (the well-known Pastry Chef  and author of The Sweet Life in Paris, David Lebovitz writes his own blog)  (well, not so much about food, but really inspiring photos : )

Amusez-vous!  (Have fun!)vmg