French III Students!
Here is the list on the things you should be turning in Monday, 6/06, which is the last day of class and also the day of our final class test.  We will not be meeting separately for a final test!  There will be an additional short essay question take home to be downloaded from the blog on Monday as well, and that will be due during finals week (date will be announced on Monday).  The Final review guide will be posted Thursday.  Thanks for your patience and sorry for the delay in posting this information!

  1.  The full chapter 12 Cahier.
  2. The “Révisez 9-12” from the cahier (pgs 251-255)
  3. Cahier: Chpt 13- pages 262-264
  4. The worksheets handed out in class today (2 pages total, front and back side)
  5. The dictées we will have completed (there will be 4- today’s was the 2nd)
  6. If you have not already turned in your final project (the hard copy) that as well.
  7. Any extra credit assignments.


p.s. A little bird told me I spoke a bit fast on the dictée today…in reflection I agree!  So if you didn’t do a “BRAVO” on it today, I sense that you were not alone!  Will go more slowly tomorrow : )