A bit of a schedule change….but not unbearably so!

For Monday’s class, we will…

1.  Do a dictee, the last in our series, this one will count toward the final oral part : )

2.  You will pick up the hard copy of the take-home final exam, (which is 4 essay questions and a reading passage with 4 follow up questions).  You will do this at home and return by Wednesday, 3:30 pm, June 8th.  You will return it to an envelope located in the classroom, 1802.  Alternately, you could scan and email a copy to me.

3.  Listen to the  two last and final exposes.

4.  Turn in all work that is due as noted in last blog entry.

5.  Complete instructor evaluations.

So yes, as noted, there will not be a separate in class test as previously mentioned : ( Desolee!

Hope this is clear and let me know if you need further clarifications!