We are now ready to write and perform our first skit of the quarter! Youpie! (Yay in French : )

This is fun project (okay, well for most students, for some it can be a little stressful).  Think of it as a chance to put your knowledge to use, and don’t worry about being perfect—remember, it is a process that takes time, and it has to start somewhere (whew, enough of the pep talk!)  You can develop it around your own theme (in a cafe, in a classroom, a first meeting of some sort, at the post office etc…be creative) It should include the items listed below, plus fill it out to complete it.  It should be cohesive and fairly smooth.  Please do use basic sentence structure, please do use all the structures we have learned so far!  Don’t use a whole lot of new stuff!  Finally, write it out in French together—no Google translate for this activity! A word or two okay, but the whole class should be able to understand it!  More details in class (or at least I will answer your questions!)  We will be working in groups of 2-4, you can select your own or I will do it for you on Thursday.  Practice putting some lines together and be ready for the project on Thursday!

Le Sketch Francais (French Skit)

The Skit  should include:

1. la date

2. greetings

3.  spelling

4.  le verbe ‘etre’

5.  -er verbs (10 minimum)

6.  negations

7.  nationalities

8.  chpt 3 pg 62 & 64>>adjectifs & couleurs

EXTRA: include clothing vocabulary from chpt 3.

NOTES:  Should be minimum 4 lines per person!

We will present next week…Day TBA

Does not need to be FULLY memorized, but at least partially (you can bring your notes with you).

You will have  time in class this week (Thursday) and a little more  next week for group work (half a class period I am planning on).  This will be presented by Tuesday of next week!

Bonne journee!

mme g