Questions sur le film :

Le Petit Nicolas

1. Decrivez la mere, le pere, et Nicolas.  Comment sont-ils physiquement? Decrivez leurs personnalites. (In French)

2.  Nommez trois elements typiques des annees cinquante (from the 1950’s)  dans le film–le decor, le comportement des gens etc) (In French)

3.  Can you name all of Nicolas’ copains from memory? Make a list. Desrcibe them briefly! (In French)

4.  What are some noticeable differences (in French and American culture)  that you observe in relation to education, child-rearing, interpersonal relationships, and any other stuff? (In English)

5.  What struck you as particularly funny in this film?  Anything that bothered you?  Explain! (In English)