Une belle fleur pour vous!

Here is a link for online quizzes on adjective placement/gender/number practice.


Also, a friendly note to all students to continue to be on task during class!  Read on…………

Please refrain from loud & disruptive behavior (which includes using electronic devices during class), and follow along with the class and be prepared to be called on.  Make sure your comments are not offensive, inappropriate or distracting (too off topic) to others during partner work. Class time is not socializing time, you have time for that in your own lives, furthermore, the classroom is small and so naturally others hear your conversations and are being distracted from their work (several students have personally come up to me after class and told me this). While this is all common sense stuff, we all can lose our focus from time to time, so this is my (friendly) reminder to you all.

 I appreciate your efforts all quarter long (all of you) and do know many different factors can affect the attitude you bring to class.  I certainly do not want or ever intend to be confrontational or judgmental, and I do not like to make my students feel uncomfortable in any way. Nonetheless I have seen behavior that has been inconsiderate to me and to the other students so far this quarter.  My goal is to create the best learning community which is why I am taking the time to communicate this to you all.  Don’t let your behavior prevent others from getting the most out their education. Bring your best to class.

Bonne journée & à demain,

Valérie Goudarzi