French I:

Bonsoir!  The weekend’s homework is as follows:

Write a paragraph in French describing you. Your paragraph should include…

1. an introduction (your name etc),

2. what you study,

3. where you live,

4.  your nationality (if American you can add on your culture of origin, for example: Je suis américain(e) mais d’origine  allemande et italienne. (I am American but of German and Italian origin.)

5. your likes and dislikes.  For example: J’adore regarder les films mais je déteste regarder la television.

6.  add in words like bien (well), souvent (often), rarement (rarely) and toujours  (always) for interest. For example: J’étudie souvent à la bibliothèque.

Your paragraph should be written neatly or can be typed. Due Monday!