French I:

Le voici!  (Here it is!)

I.  Oral part: multiple choice.  I will read a passage and you answer the questions about it. Subject: Description of a student.

II.  Oral part 2: Fill in the blank dictee.  Theme: Places on campus.

III.   Questions personelles: Answer 5 questions in French on varying chapter themes: likes and dislikes, les matieres, les distractions.

IV.  Les nationalites: Hint: francophone countries.

V.  Le vocabulaire: les distractions, les verbes, les matieres, les lieux sur le campus.  Careful on gender!

VI.  Les phrases a composer: Add in articles, conjugate verbs, make adjectives agree (Class practice Thursday)

Example: 1.   Nous / être / à / librairie / maintenant.  >>>>Nous sommes a` la librarie maintenant.

ex. 2.  Maria et Clara / être / francais.>>>>>>>>>>Maria et Clara sont francaises.

VII.  Verb conjugation: -er verbs and know your subject pronouns!

VIII.  Cultural reading: Answer the  5 questions  based on the 2 paragraph text (no hints here!)

IX.  Composition: Subject: VOUS!  Je me presente etc etc etc…………………..

Bon apres-midi!

French II:

Study Guide Chpt 6
  1. Oral part: Comprehension & dictée (-re verbs!)
  2. Questions personelles: habitudes alimentaires &  apprendre
  3. Paroles: food preferences at specified meals of yourself and your family/friends.
  4. The partitive article: Fill in the blank with the appropriate article (definite, partitive, reduced partitive, or indefinite.
  5. Imperative verb mode: Make commands by using the imperative (command) style. (e.g. Finis ta soupe!  Mange ton diner!   Fais les devoirs!)
  6. Quelle heure est-il?  Write out the times indicated on the clocks. Two must be in the 24 hr. clock style.
  7. Lecture (reading): La Nouvelle Cuisine Francaise & T/F questions
  8. Composition: 25 word composition: Décrivez vos habitudes alimentaires.  Qu’est-ce que vous aimez, détestez etc….