French I Students:

Rewrite the following questions in French.  Then, answer them orally (don’t write out your answers).  Practice a few times through to increase your fluency in responding!  We will then do these tomorrow in class.

Ask your partner:

Do you live in Shoreline?

  1. Do you study French and Spanish?
  2. Are you serious and intellectual?
  3. Do you play tennis?
  4. Do you play the piano or violin?
  5. Are you wearing black socks today?
  6. Are you tired now?
  7. Are you hungry/thirsty?

 8.Describe your best friend to your partner (eye and hair color,

personality and clothing style and anything else you can say!)

French II: Ecrivez un bon paragraphe sur votre week-end,  Qu’est-ce que vous avez fait?  Qu’est-ce que vous avez mange’?  Avez-vous travaille’? etc. etc.  (Write up a paragraph on what you did over the weekend).  Please avoid using the verb « aller »!