French III:
Please turn in your statement of intent on Friday, May 4th.  Mainly this is to establish your subject and to get you started! It does not need to be in its final form just yet, but you need to give me something showing what you plan to research! 

Voici le document sur the expose guidelines.

Exposé Format

Follow this format in your presentation/project.

I.  Statement of intent.  State you topic and the questions your project will address.  You may also include why you have chosen this particular topic, or what attracted you to it (you can be a little personal here…this helps to engage your audience!).  (IN FRENCH)

II.  Methods of research (moyens de recherches)Talk briefly about what types of references you used, and note particularly helpful resources you came across.  If your focus shifted/topic evolved into something else you can include that, and briefly describe why.  (In FRENCH)

III.  Content.  This is the information that you want to convey to your audience about your topic.  This is essential, important, and relevant information that develops your subject and fills it out.  This could be organized in “slides” (i.e. power point), or bulleted information for example.  Avoid large chunks of text!  There should be 5-10 of these, depending on your format.  You can include images and graphics in this section.  Be creative if you like!  (IN French)

IV.  Wrapping it up.  Close your project.  Avoid concise conclusions.  If your questions are unanswered, explore that.  If you have new questions, state them.  You could also mention what you have learned through the course of your research. (IN French )

V.  Final Remarks/observations (IN English..anything you want to make sure came across, or just a moment to be a little more candid : )

VI.  Bibliography (IN French)

Turn in your typed project the day of your scheduled expose!

Total length: Part I and II should take 1-1 ½ pages.  Part III should take from 2-5 pages. Part IV ½ -1 page. Part V as long as necessary.