Shana Washburn, a French III student has started up a French Discussion Group for ShCC students.  Please read her annonce below and follow up on her links if interested! Amusez-vous! 

Bonjour tout le monde!

C’est la page de discussion pour les étudiantes de français à Shoreline Community College.

Utiliser cette page pour de discussions écrite, et de la coordination du groupes de discussion verbale, s’il vous plaît.

Hello, everyone! This is the discussion page for students of French at Shoreline Community college.

Please use this page for written discussions and to coordinate verbal discussion groups

Discussion en français SCC:  This discussion group exists to increase comprehension and fluency by allowing students a place to practice their writing in an informal setting, and to form verbal discussion groups with their classmates. All classes and skill levels are welcome.Please post in French as much as you are capable.Members are encouraged to help each other with grammar, spelling, pronunciation, and composition/fluidity of conversation. Please be kind when offering critiques or suggestions to others.Helpful links for translation and continuing education have been provided in a separate document. Please feel free to add links if you find a site that is particularly helpful. 

Shanna M. Washburn