Il fait beau sous le soleil


Make sure to read updates for your correct course!

French II at 9:30-

Test is scheduled on Tuesday, due to no class on Friday. Sorry, however it was important for me to attend!  On  Monday we will review our chpt 7, complete the passe compose and have a practice dictee for Tuesday’s test.  Please work on your cahier over the weekend.  In addition to that, please note two ideas for a final project for French II; could be with a partner, or individual.

French III a 10:30: 

Looks like there was some confusion as to class today–but yes, there indeed was class at 10:30 (although I ended up being 5 minutes late).  We did work on reviewing our pronouns and then talked about how you use pronouns in the command form in French.   The lesson on verbs followed by an infinitive will be on Monday, but it will help if you read ahead..most of this lesson is simply memorization and practice on your part. Anyway, you may catch up here if you missed today’s lesson due to the confusion.

On another note, we decided to postpone the Monday test for Tuesday. Cahier will be due on Tuesday, along with worksheets that you have been hanging on to. We seem to be crawling through this chapter, and hope to pick up the pace and go on to more interesting topics next chapter!  The future tense, and pronominal verbs relating to daily activities like waking up, getting up, bathing, putting on makeup, and shaving, and combing hair (scintillating, I know!)

The weekend homework is to come to class with some informal (in presentation) but solid research (in content) on your expose topic.  You will turn this in, make sure to make more than one copy so that I don’t end up keeping your research.  I am looking for information that advances your understanding of your topic, not just fluff stuff!  We need three students (maybe 4) to do their expose on Friday; I already have one who has volunteered (merci!).  See if you may be able to do it on Friday…it is soon, but we need to start this process!  Let  me know on Monday if you can do it.  We will also write up our schedule for all of the exposes on Monday, so make sure you sign up!

All for now, passez un merveilleux week-end!