Malheureusement my email has been down all weekend! I have contacted TSS about in on Friday but the problem has not been resolved as of yet.  If you need to contact me before the final–-remember it is at 9:30-10:20 for French 122 on Monday morning, and at 10:30-11:20 for French 123 on Monday morning--you can reach me at

Tomorrow will be the last day/final exam for all French classes. If you have anything outstanding to turn in well Monday would be the time to turn it in!

Merci for chugging through hours and hours of French and for all your efforts in every respect to this class! I am so pleased of the progress that so many have made, and feel that many have definitely began (or were able to fuel) a life-long love with the French language and the learning will keep happening way beyond this class.  J’en suis contente. Fin.

A lundi,