Dear Students,

The workbook is not « assigned » as homework on a nightly basis.

You should be working on it, but at your own pace; I will not tell which pages to complete each night, but instead leave that for you to decide.  It should be completed by Tues, Oct 9th,  the day of the CHPT 1 TEST.
Work on it as you please, but it should be finished next week. Some students do one page a night, or some do it on the weekends, or some do it every other day etc…each student has his or her own way of completing it, my requirement is that it  1)be completed by the day of the test, 2) it be entirely done (no blank spots), 3)the audio lessons be completed, 4)all sections are self-corrected using the answers in the back of the book, 5)and the journal is also completed (the Par Ecrit is optional).
Hope this clears up any confusion!