A change in plans regarding the chapter 3 test…Read on.

::Chapter 3 test will be a take-home test. You will be able to use your books (textbook and cahier)  and notes, but no online help (e.g. google translate), and no partner work. Please be respectful of my wishes/directions for you.  I take this seriously and will talk with you if I see evidence that you are not following the guidelines I have set forth. This will affect your grade negatively!

::Test will be distributed at the end of class on Friday, November 16th. It will be due within the first 10 minutes of class on Monday, November 18th.   At that point we will do the oral section as well. It is very important to be on time to class that day! If there is a true and genuine emergency you may scan your test and send it to me by email by 12:00 pm Monday (be prepared to show proof of your emergency). The oral part will be done on Monday, first thing.  You will not be allowed to make up the oral part, and it will count against you in the event you are late or absent.

::All workbook and worksheets are now due MONDAY,  November 18th.

::Today, Thursday, November 15, we will study the contractions of à and de, including a worksheet and book practice.  If time allows a practice dictée as well.


À bientôt!