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Bonjour & Bienvenue au Français 121 & 122

Please find here the documents you will need to start out French 121 & 122.

1. Syllabus (please note the correct one for your French class!  Print and keep for your records)

French 121:French 121 Winter 2013

French 122syllabus 122 winter 2013

3. Language Profile (Only necessary for NEW students! Please complete and turn in by Friday, Jan 11th ) french-121-language-profile

There will be more documents available within the next few days, mainly the course calendar which we will definitely be using this quarter! Also, do click on « joignez-vous »/ » follow blog by email » on the right side of the blog in order to get automatic email messages of every new post I make. Very helpful to not have to « check the blog » but instead find the announcements in your email inbox!

à bientôt!