1. Here are two comptines for learning the numbers:

1, 2, 3 nous allons au Bois

Un deux trois
nous allons  au bois
quatre cinq six
cueillir des cerises
sept huit neuf
dans un panier neuf
dix onze douze
elles seront toutes rouges.

Un, deux, trois

1, 2, 3, nous avons un gros chat
4, 5, 6, il a de longues griffes
7, 8, 9, il a mangé un oeuf
10, 11, 12, il est blanc et rouge.

2. For your convenience here is the direct link to the audio portion of the workbook:

3 Please check the blog tomorrow for a breakdown of what to expect on the Chpt 1 test which is scheduled for THURSDAY, Jan. 29th That was a typo! I meant TUESDAY, JAN 22nd! (lundi is a holiday!)

4. Practice days of the week tonight!