C'est le week-end! Voici les devoirs...

Examen 1 Review Guide for Chapter 1 test on  TUESDAY (mardi) , le 22 janvier:

I. Oral part: Dictation, focus on the vocabulary of the classroom (objects /student /teacher).

II.  Questions personnelles: Questions written in French, you write the answer in French.  Based on various themes from Chpt. 1.

Example:1.   Comment vous appelez-vous?  Answer:  Je m’appelle …………..

2.  Quel jour sommes-nous? Answer:   Nous sommes mardi.

3.  Comment allez-vous?       Answer: Tres bien, merci.

III. A.  Les nombres 0-60 : 5 Questions: Write out in word form  math problems.

Example: 3 + 2 = 5 >>>trois plus deux font cinq

B.  Multiple choice: Given a hypothetical situation in English, you choose the correct French phrase that goes with it.

IV. Vocabulary: 5 questions on objects in the classroom.  MAKE SURE TO KNOW GENDER!

V.  Cognates!  Define this word and be able to recognize a cognate in French.

Example: J’ai parle au telephone  avec ma mere au cafe.  Elle etait tres contente! Cognates: telephone, cafe, contente.

VI.  Writing assignment, about 5-8 sentences: Describe a classroom.  Use numbers as well.  Use the expression ‘il y a’ (there is/ there are)

Example: Il y a un professeur et douze etudiants.  Il y a un bureau et deux fenetres.


1.   Here is the audio link for your workbook: http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/0073386448/student_view0/chapitre1/workbook_lab_manual_audio_.html

2. *Remember to have completed your workbook entirely up to chpt. 2 (i.e. do all lessons through chpt. 1).

*Remember to correct your work using the key at the back of the book.  

*Remember to do the audio! (Link above).

*Tear it out and staple before coming to class on Tuesday!

A demain,