Aujourd’hui nous travaillons sur notre premier sketch (skit) en groupe!

it should include:

1. la date

2. greetings

3.  spelling

4.  numbers

5.  -er verbs (5)

6.  negations (3)

7.  nationalities  (2)

8.  les lieux (3)

EXTRA ***   chpt 3 pg 62 & 64>>adjectifs & couleurs


1) Should be minimum 4 lines per person!

2) Does not need to be FULLY memorized, but at least partially (you can bring your notes with you).

3) Length should be not more than 3-5 minutes!

You will have some more time in class  (Friday)   to present on Tuesday of next week!

Helpful Hints!

1.  Do not write your script up in English and then translate it online! This gets you into to trouble with too advanced grammar and verbs!

2.  Rather, write up an outline/idea of your skit, but do the actual writing of the lines directly in French! You have the skills to do this at this point! I am looking forward to hearing what you come up.