Study Guide for Chpt 4 test for French 121:

Test will be Monday, the 18th of March, same time and place as our normal class!

Remember to bring your completed  cahier 4 and optional, for extra credit, the review section following chpt 4 in your workbook.

I. a. Partie orale: oral comprehension—a passage read by me with questions to answer on your test!

b. Fill in the blank dictée—theme: la chambre & les prepositions!

II. Questions personelles: Five questions on varied vocabulary and verbs from chpt 4. Written questions you read and then write your answers in spaces provided.

III. Vocabulary: La chambre! Furniture in your room.

IV. Grammar: -ir verbs. Need to know meaning and be able to conjugate –ir verbs. Fill in the blank passage with correct verb and conjugate it correctly.

V. Questions: You are given the answer to a question. You construct the question based on the answer! (Similar to the worksheet we did in class)

VI. Short composition. Theme: Votre chambre!