Bonjour French II!

Test will be tomorrow, 5/13.

Remember to complete your cahier 6, along with the journal entry, audio, along with your self-corrections!

Bonne journee dans ce beau temps de soleil : )

Study Guide Chpt 6

  1.  Oral part: Comprehension & dictée (-re verbs!)
  2. Questions personelles: focus on :habitudes alimentaires &  apprendre
  3. Paroles: food preferences at specified meals of yourself and your family/friends.
  4. The partitive article: Fill in the blank with the appropriate article (definite, partitive, reduced partitive, or indefinite.
  5. Imperative verb mode: Make commands by using the imperative (command) style. (e.g. Finis ta soupe!  Mange ton diner!   Fais les devoirs!)
  6. Quelle heure est-il?  Write out the times indicated on the clocks. Two must be in the 24 hr. clock style.
  7. Lecture (reading): La Nouvelle Cuisine Francaise & T/F questions
  8.   Composition: 25 word composition: Décrivez vos habitudes alimentaires.  Qu’est-ce que vous aimez, détestez etc….