Bonjour Tout le monde!

For French III: As mentioned on Friday, this weekend’s homework is to work on gathering content for your research project/expose.  We will be assigning dates of presentation this upcoming week, and I would like you to come to class with 10 pieces of content information for your research.  At least half should be in French, although for the final part ALL in this section will be in French. Your 10 pieces of information should  be typed, and ready to hand in on Monday, 5/20.

I have cut and pasted the content portion expection of the research project. You can find the entire document  on this blog under: « Choisir Une Categorie » and then select « Final Research Project » from  a drop down menu.

Below is what it will ultimately be in your Final Project.  For Monday, it is essentially the rough draft of this section! BUT the rough draft should not be too ROUGH! Rather, organized, TYPED, well-chosen/selected from good sources!  Have fun  et apprenez beaucoup!

III.  Content.  This is the information that you want to convey to your audience about your topic.  This is essential, important, and relevant information that develops your subject and fills it out.  This could be organized in “slides” (i.e. power point), or bulleted information for example.  Avoid large chunks of text!  There should be 5-10 of these, depending on your format.  You can include images and graphics in this section.  Be creative if you like!  (IN French)