French II at 9:30:

Remember bring your cahier chpt 7 completed, turn in the worksheets and dictation from chpt 7.

Study guide:

I. Oral part

1. Oral comprehension-description of a restaurant with T/F questions

2. Dictee

II. Questions personelles: la cuisine, vouloir, pouvoir, les repas

III. Les magasins vocab and what you would buy at each

IV.  Les nombres…write out in word form

IV. Ce/cet/cette/ces and quell/quels/ quelle/quelles (fill in the blank)

V. Passé composé : fill in the blank with correct form of helping verb (avoir) and past participle.

Note the irregulars: prendre—pris and boire—bu. Make sure to review negative placement as well!

VI. Lecture: reading passage on restaurant descriptions and multiple choice questions

VII. La composition: Comment fêtez-vous votre anniversaire?